When I was nine, I told my brother that he and I were the reincarnation of essayist Charles Lamb and sister Mary ~ and that I was Charles.

Family dynamics aside, my dream of being a writer was conceived that day.

That dream led me to earn a Bachelor of Journalism degree at the University of Missouri-Columbia and the Edward R. Murrow Memorial Scholarship Award, given by the actor Ed Asner.
Although our time at Mizzou overlapped, I never
met Brad Pitt or Sheryl Crow, alas.

I devoted the next 20 years to writing novels
~ Brigid’s Charge ~ and a second one that
is loosely based on my five-year search for my little sister, who was given up for adoption at birth when I was toddler.

That’s a sad story with a happy ending. Sheila and I found each other in 1992 ~ the year after I earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in English/Creative Writing from Mills College.


While I wrote my novels, I worked as a contractor in editorial and production for dozens of large, independent and start-up publishers, as well as individual authors.

I fell into ghostwriting in 2000, when the author of a book I’d edited asked me to do the rewrite. Our writing styles were completely different and she was 40 years my senior, but I said, “Sure.”

When neither of us could tell who’d written which lines, I realized that I can inhabit and articulate another person’s voice and vision. Plus, I loved it.

If you’d like to learn more, send me an email.

The sisters reunited in 1992.